Okami or Zelda? What side are YOU on?

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Hello again everyone!:D Today I've made an Okami or Zelda? Who's side are YOU on quiz. And guys, this is only my second quiz so it's not gonna be a work of art, lol XP. But hey, I tried :P.

This quiz is for Okami AND Zelda fans only! Don't take it if you've only played zelda, or vise versa. After you've taken this quiz, you shall see who's side you're REALLY on! (well IMO at least...) Enjoy! :D

Created by: sum1udon'tknow
  1. Ok! Let's get started! First of all, who do you think would win if Ammy(Amaterasu) and Link had a battle?
  2. Of the choices listed, what would be your weapon of choice in battle?
  3. If you were a god or goddess, who would you think you'd be?
  4. Would you prefer being a wolf or human during battle?
  5. Of the powers listed below, which one would you want the most to aid you in battle?
  6. Of all listed, who's your favorite Okami or Zelda character?
  7. Of the bad guys listed below, who's azz do you think you'd be able to really kick again but in REAL life?>:D
  8. Ok... We're getting closer to the end... Are you prepared to face your fate of alliegance?
  9. Who's side do you think you'll be on?
  10. Now I must ask you... The MOST important question of all, so listen (or read) closely... What did you think of this quiz? :3 (Jk won't affect answer)

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Quiz topic: Okami or Zelda? What side am I on?