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How much do you know Noah Schnapp? Let's find out with this amazing quiz!! If you want go follow my instagram fan account of noah, it's @trueschnapp. Love you all so much

I don't really know that i have to write here but i want to say that this quiz take me soo long so please don't ignore all this part where i wrote thing cause i spent a lot of time here lol

Created by: Hope
  1. What's Noah's full name?
  2. What movie is Noah in
  3. How's Noah's celebrity crush?
  4. Which character did Noah cast for?
  5. How much do you love Noah? (go check my fanpage it's @trueschnapp)
  6. When was he born?
  7. Has he got a twin sister?
  8. Does Noah love his fans?
  9. Who's Noah's best friend?
  10. Where was he born?
  11. Who does Noah played in Hubie Halloween?
  12. In what year was he born?
  13. is Noah the best person in this world?

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