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This quiz is for first grade students starting to learn about the state they live in...Nevada. There are videos, links, graphs, and photographs to show students parts of our state that they may never see in person.

If you feel like you are a Nevada expert, feel free to take our Trek and see how many on the pins you have visited and learned about in your travels. Enjoy!

Created by: Jill Kotas

  1. Where can you go in Las Vegas (from our trek) to hike and see the natural wonder of our mountains?
  2. Where did our trek START?
  3. Where can you go to ski on our Trek?
  4. Where can you go to see red sandstone or limestone?
  5. Where is the hottest, lowest, and driest point in our Trek?
  6. Where are laws made?
  7. Where do a lot of visitors go in northern Nevada to see water and snow?
  8. What city in Nevada on our Trek had a lot of history for mining for silver?
  9. Where can you go to see carved patterns in clay and slotted canyons?
  10. Where can you go to enjoy the Colorado River?

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