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TRY THIS TEST, I BET YOU CAN'T WIN. I'm what you'd call the loner. This I'snt some game, well not one I'd just share with anyone, are you someone who could talk to me everyday or could possibly be the one ment for me?

Find out, in this quiz I made. I'm white, 17, blonde hair, blue eyes, no I dont surf -_- I'm tall, skinny (just cause im lazy), but when I need to get an important task done, ill get goin. YES I WAS BORED, TAKE THIS QUIZ PEOPLE. (just because I don't act serious right here doesn't mean I'm always like this...)

Created by: NitroSpeed
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Short and sweet... people dont want to read a lot. I made a previous quiz but now I think I may have the hang of this... who are you? If none then click the bottom one and leave a message on comments specifying what I should add.
  2. ....yeah.. that was the first one, lol. I have bad memory with all this darn noise around....
  3. favorite color? idk why people use this alot... wait... pick a color that stands out to you.
  4. In school you are the....
  5. ...its easier to read the quizzes rather then make them. Can't see it all, those dots are annoying me... GRAH! anyways, pick a face. if not face, words
  6. does appearance matter?
  7. I have nothing against religion, do you?
  8. even though I'm really serious.... this is a boring quiz. let me switch over to my crazy side for now....
  9. Im looking for someone very loyal, because I only want one person to talk to, unless theres a lot of girls >_> I gotta admit, its a guys dream to be the center of attention, no matter how uncomfortable that might be ._.
  10. I hate being picky, but I've gotta be to find the right person. (ima picky person)
  11. So by clicking yes you agree to send a message to me if you pass, because theres no info on my profile i think, because even though many people may of passed this quiz (idk) I should try anyways because I know for sure you might be the person I could talk with everyday or close to that.
  12. er... heck, why not? another question. do you cuss?
  13. You've only one life to live, so....

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