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Hi call me Circus baby I love fnaf this is my second quiz and there still really bad...Please not hate.... If you are a true fnaf fan comment #FNAF FOR DA WIN! Lmao

How this quiz works...I put some lyrics from a fnaf song and you guess wich one it is. I started off putting the creator of the song down but then I remembered that I'm too lazy OOF

Created by: Circus_baby

  1. "you've ,been through twenty long frightful nights"
  2. Time for the main attraction the story must be told"
  3. Everyone please have a seat the show will begin momentarily
  4. When I come to life you've got no place to hide
  5. Hey kids nice to eat ya are you ready for some fazbear pizza
  6. Nooo it just isn't fare the chicken and the bear
  7. I want you to know the eb and flow of my own show from head to toe
  8. Why don't you spend the night then you'll find there's evil that waits inside
  9. I hear a sound Probably just a mouseBut I heard a creak Just go back to sleep
  10. I'm about to fall apart allready have way there so I guess that a start

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