My Questions (it is TEST).

I Love this website and this Quiz. Because it has many features like Add an image,etc.And it has result.It has Passphrase,result,Informative paragraphs,etc.

I will leave my website and join this website.So much fun we can create our own Questions.And we can see our Quiz.But we should work many hours.So I like this Quiz.

Created by: M.Cheshnav.
  1. How many years does a Human can live?
  2. A Camel can store its exess food in its_.
  3. You can hold it without seeing or touching it!What is it?
  4. What building has more story than any story book?
  5. Name the 4 main blood groups?
  6. Is 100 a prime?
  7. Multiply 99*99.
  8. It has a head and a tail,but it is not an animal!What it is?
  9. Everybody in the world needs it.They generously give it.But never take it.Then what it is?
  10. Who invented Bicycle and in which year?

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