My Great Kirby Quiz

There are many smart people, but few genuises. Genuis is, afterall, quite exeptional. What is a genuis? A genuis is someone who has an extraodinarily clever mind.

The question is, are YOU a genuis? A Kirby genuis to be exact. Take my quiz to find out. And don't be too hard on yourself if you don't know the correct answer. Just guess!

Created by: Danny of KirbyKingdom
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  1. Name Kirby's most wonderful ability.
  2. True or false? King DeDeDe is a penguin.
  3. What color was Kirby originally?
  4. Who is the mysterious caped knight from Kirby?
  5. Where did Kirby come from?
  6. Is Kirby a boy or a girl?
  7. How much does Kirby like to eat?
  8. What is the name of the giant bird Kirby helps in earlier games?
  9. What is Kirby?
  10. King DeDeDe's weapon is usually a
  11. True or false? Meta Knight has angel wings under his cape.
  12. Name a color Kirby can NOT be in the Amazing Mirror.

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