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There are lots of people who create quizzes and stick to one subject. Guess what, not me! I like to bounce around from one to another, it makes it interesting.

Let's see if you have what it takes. Do you know your movies? If so that's good but that's not all you get. If you have to cheat and look up answers, don't suck. Good luck.

Created by: Heather

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  1. According to Romani traditions (gypsy) which of the following is a vampire hunter?
  2. In the movie Misery by Stephen King, what letter was missing from Pauls typewriter when it was given to him?
  3. At the end of Dirty Dancing, what color was Baby's dress?
  4. A couple in Indiana was told by a judge that they couldn't do what while going through divorce?
  5. Which borough is also known as the "Dormitory of New York"?
  6. "The Vampire of Sacramento" was who?
  7. 'I just came in here to drink a beer and watch the rednecks fight Now I don't feel so bad going home alone tonight' are lyrics to which Gretchen song?
  8. On What's Eating Gilbert Grape, why is Becky stuck in Gilbert's town?
  9. Who said, 'If I perish, I perish'?
  10. How many times did Rain get bitten in Resident Evil?
  11. In Saw 3 what was the order of deaths?
  12. Which color is used in hospital to relax patients?

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