moshi monsters quiz

This quiz is all about Moshi monsters. If you are a true fan as I am you will have no problem achieving a perfect score otherwise some studying of the subject may be required.

Are you a Moshi genius? do you have what it takes to get a perfect score? if your answer to both questions is yes, then dive in and have a go it only takes a few minutes!!

Created by: lillie francesca trotman

  1. which one of these is not a monster
  2. which of these is the rarest moshling
  3. what is the name of news paper
  4. who is the leader of the super moshi's
  5. which one of these is in the set puppies
  6. how many spookies are there
  7. what set is burnie in
  8. what colour is i.g.g.y
  9. how many series are there of moshi monster figures
  10. when is the moshi magazine issued

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