More than Friends?

So, you like him? Does he like you? Does he want to take your relationship to the next level? Maybe he doesn't want to ruin your friendship or he doesn't want to be involved with all the drama.

You will find an answer to all those questions in this quiz. Put thought into the questions and answer each question HONESTLY, even if it hurts. Remember that I could always be wrong but I will try to use my best brain power, as I have A LOT of experience with this kind of stuff. Good luck!!!!!

Created by: Whitney
  1. When he talks to you he...
  2. Has he ever...
  3. Have his friends ever told you he's into someone else?
  4. Does he ever act nervous or blush around you?
  5. Is he dating someone?
  6. How often do you talk on text or in person?
  7. Do you ever lock eyes and smile?
  8. Does he ask you about school-related stuff when he could ask anyone else in the class?
  9. Has he ever told you you look pretty?
  10. Was this quiz helpful? (Won't have any effect on ending results)

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