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Hey guys! Today I have decided to make a new LOVE STORY for wings of fire! This is a brand new thing for me so if this is really bad or really good, please comment!

In here, you will be Moonwatcher. You have the opertunity to like/have a crush on Winter or Qibli. It’s entirely your choice! And, I don’t think anyone’s ever done one of these. 😏

Created by: BookAnimal

  1. You wake up one morning. It was fresh and you were starting to get hungry.
  2. You walk out into the hallway to get food. (After some sleep if you picked that) You then bump into a dragon. “HEY!” You shout.
  3. “Hey Moon! Sorry for bumping into you” Said a voice you’ve heard before.
  4. “Hey, I was going to get some breakfast. Wanna come?”
  5. You enter the Eating Cave. Across the room you see Qibli.
  6. “Hey Moon!” Qibli calls as he walks/runs to you.“Hey Qibli!” You say.
  7. “Hey QIBLI.” Winter says in a stern voice.“Hey there buddy!” He puts an arm around Winters shoulder. Winter then shrugs it off. “Hee hee hee!”
  8. After breakfast, the boys want to do to different things.“Fight! It’s fun!” Winter had said.“No! We should plays some music!” Qibli motions to the music room.
  9. After (whatever you chose) Winter comes up to you.
  10. “I um, have something to tell you...” Winter began.“Yes?” You tilt your head abit.“I... LOVE YOU!”
  11. “Hey Win- WAIT WHAT?!” Qibli entered then heard Winter.“Qibli...” You began.“Winter! You know that I LOVE HER!”
  12. How did you like this? (Does not affect your resault)

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