Misconception about the trait homebody

many people see a homebody as antisocial so this survey is to correct this misconception i hope you enjoy this quiz and correct your thoughts about that trait

Home is where the heart is, but is it where you spend most of your time? If you have made your nest so comfortable that you never want to leave, you might be a homebody. Parties, dinners out, and meeting new friends might take a back seat to curling up on the couch with your favorite DVD and a cup of tea. While it might be comfortable, staying at home all of the time is not always healthy when it comes to nurturing relationships. Are you a homebody? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: B-Diamond

  1. how do you see a person busy and likes to stay at home?
  2. how do you see people always stay at home for their own reasons ?
  3. how do you see someone has psychological illness hold him back from association with the outer community?
  4. how do you see people who exaggerate in fearing to go out ?
  5. if someone likes peace and quiet and find home as perfect place to stay and get enough quiet
  6. how do you see people unwilling or unable to associate with others ?
  7. how do you see people who hate to associate with others with no reasons ?
  8. someone likes to stay 24/7 close to his family
  9. someone fears to show emotional sings in front of people and that's why he cages himself at home
  10. what do you think you will get in this quiz ? (not affected)

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