Minecraft quiz 1.8

Are u a big N00B at minecraft, a normal minecrafter or a super pro... I don't think a lot of people will be super pro pro pro btw. #do not try so hard.

NothingAT ALL Today is a great day insnt it totally but it started to rain just now so you can't complain if it's raining because the God are crying... No offense...

Created by: Chong Zhe Xuan
  1. What happens when a villager is struke by lightning?
  2. What materials do you use to craft a beacon?
  3. Is there such thing called the far lands?
  4. If there is such thing as far lands, if there is when was it removed?
  5. What happen if you name a mob Dinnerbone?
  6. What happen if you press F3
  7. Is herobrine real?
  8. Who was the creator of minecraft?
  9. Is there such thing as dyed wood planks?
  10. Does slime block exist. If it does what does it do?

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