Microsoft Word & PowerPoint 2016

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Instructions: Read each statement carefully. Then, please identify whether the statement is discussion Microsoft Word or PowerPoint by selecting the correct option.

Created by: Jena

  1. Transitions can be applied to slides.
  2. A user is able to format text in their document to their personal style.
  3. Slides can have predesigned backgrounds or a user can create their own.
  4. A user is able to create and format documents.
  5. Bulleted or numbered lists can be created to organize information in a document.
  6. There are various page border that can be applied to a document.
  7. With this application, a user is able to insert a picture and add an animation to the picture.
  8. Text can be copied and pasted from one slide to the next in this application.
  9. The file tab will allow a user to save or print their document.
  10. Slideshow presentation are created to present information to a group of people.

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