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From this day forward, You shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter, And my arms will be your home... Don and Michelle are getting married and we would love to know how well you know us!

We created this quiz and hope you enjoy.Depending on your score, it will give yourself a perception on where you need to improve and how you can get to know the bride and groom to be.

Created by: Michelle
  1. Where did Don and Michelle meet?
  2. What is their favorite restaurant that they like to eat at together?
  3. How long have Michelle and Don been knowing each other?
  4. The bride and groom are born under the same sign. Which one?
  5. What cities were the couple born in?
  6. How many siblings does Michelle have
  7. How many siblings does Don have?
  8. What are the couples favorite NFL teams?
  9. What grade does Donald teach?
  10. What type of degree is Michelle pursing in college?
  11. Where would Michelle and Don love to go on their honeymoon?
  12. Who is their favorite Hip hop artist?

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