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Michael Joseph Jackson(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, businessman and philanthropist. Often referred to as the "King of Pop", or by his initials MJ,

Think You Know Michael Jackson? Take This Quiz & See. This Quiz Is A Hard Quiz About Michael Jackson's Music & Albums. See How Good You Know Him.. ! Have Fun !

Created by: Ishmael Ali
  1. What Record Label Messed Up Michael Jackson & Took All Of His Money ?
  2. Which One Of The Other Michael Jackson Albums Was The Second Highest Selling Albums In All Time.?
  3. Which 2 Michael Jackson's Albums Did He Get 9 Hits On ?
  4. What Album Of Michael Jackson's Was Released On November 30, 1982 ?
  5. Which Album Of Michael Jackson's Had 5 Hot 100 Hits. ?
  6. What Album Was The First To Be Used On Michael Jackson's New Label , "MJJProductions" ?
  7. Which One Of The Albums Were The First To Be Used As A Remix Album, Written & Produced By Michael Jackson?
  8. Which One Of These Albums Was Incomplete ?
  9. What Was Michael Jackson's First Solo Debut Album ?
  10. Which Album Was Released On August 4, 1972 ?

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