Mermaids under the sea

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I really like Ariel so that is the reason I made this quiz about her. And she is my favorite Disney princess and mermaid. I never watched the movie,but I still like her.

I always wanted to watch the movie,but I never did. Hopefully in the future I will watch the movie. And if you never watched the movie,hopefully you'll watch it.

Created by: Nancy

  1. Do you like mermaids that are pretty like Ariel? Ariel is sweet,caring,and beautiful.
  2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
  3. What is my favorite color? It is a girly girl color that starts with P.
  4. I am a girly girl. What do I like to wear?
  5. If you know Ariel good,choose one of these to show if you know her very good.
  6. What is she?
  7. Have you watched the movie from her?
  8. If you could describe her in 1 word what is It?
  9. Who is her best friend?
  10. Who does she like?

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