Meow? I dunno, just a quiz about me

Well, this is just something I need to explain the quiz. Not much to say though, it's just about me for my page! Oh well. Have fun watching all this!

Easter egg. This is the second paragraph I need to write... How boring... You can just ignore this you know. No need to read anything but the questions. Oh yeah, one more thing. I didn't really have a choice with the age and gender thing, so you can just ignore it, I won't know what it says, I don't think i will at least.

Created by: katelyna31

  1. So, this is the best way I could figure something out for an about me, so you can just click a random comment, it won't matter.
  2. Well, first off. You might be able to tell that I like cats! Especially tigers! I as well like saying Meow! And I like to read, write, and draw! As well as waste time on the computer!
  3. Well, I as well like Minecraft and Pokemon (But I can't play either yet...) My other accounts are on Howrse, and ChickenSmoothie! On Howrse, my username is katelyna31, and on Chickensmoothie, my username is Tigermeow I was well have a Youtube account under the name of CuriousConfused, but all my videos are pretty stupid.
  4. Warning! I have read the Hunger Games and a bunch of other books! I will make references to them at times! I however do not like most musics, and only a handfull of songs I will listen to. I'm strange.
  5. I like to read, and write. And I am as well very sensitive to critsism, but won't note it when typing to someone. I'll just go on as normal, but I'll feel bad inside.
  6. I like to RP, but really just PRPG's since I get really behind when there are too many people. So yeah... PM me if you want to RP me. (RP stands for Roleplay and PRPG stands for Private Roleplay Game)
  7. So yeah, I'm a cat trapped in a female human's body. Meow. I can actually act very cat like, I mean have great balance, be sneaky and clever, meaw a lot, but sometimes I'm just completely reckless, and will bump into everything by accident
  8. I like to write, and always carry a pencil with me. In my purse(Which I carry with my anywhere but school. That's where I carry my backpack) I have a pencil, my sketchbook, whatever book I'm reading, my cellphone (I don't have any fancy IPhone, or anything, it's just a Tracphone) some extra erasers, pencils, and pencil sharpeners, my wallet of course, and Hand Sanitzer.
  9. I like trains *Train* And memes. One does not simply like memes. School is on it's way! Prepare yourself!
  10. I have brown hair, and blue, green, or grey eyes(They change colors) and I love my eyes! I'm a girl, and I'm pretty tall for my age.
  11. In real life, I am pretty shy, am really curious, and mess up with my words a lot.
  12. Well, that's all I have to put here! Oh yeah, one last thing! I like to put Easter eggs in stuff a lot! :D I as well like using smile faces, but won't when being formal.
  13. Just saying, I did spend a lot of time on my signature! I had to look up those quotes, make sure it all fit, and some of it wasn't cut off at the bottom, find the picture of the tiger tails as a heart, draw the heart(Which drawing anything on MS paint is super hard for me) get the code for each picture, look up the quotes, edit the quotes, and well, why not I just show you the coding? It'll be in the next question.
  14. Here is the coding for my signature: [quote="Albert Einstein"][center][i]Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.[/i][/center][/quote][quote="Tim Burton"][center][i]One person's [color=#0000FF]craziness[/color] is another person's [color=#BF0000]reality.[/color][/i][/center][/quote] [i][size=85][center]Don't let [color=#00BFFF]ice[/color] run[/center] [center][img][no urls][/img][img][no urls][/img][img][no urls][/img] Through your [color=#800000]veins[/color][/center][/size][/i] [quote="George R.R. Martin"][center][i]Some old wounds never truly [color=#BF0040]heal[/color], and [color=#BF0000]bleed[/color] again at the [/i][b][color=#BF00BF][i]slightest word[/i].[/color][/b][/center][/quote][quote="Unknown"][i][center]My [color=#BF0040]heart[/color] is not perfect. Then again, whose is?[/center][/i][/quote] [center][color=#0000FF][size=85]Click it if you wanna know about me![/size][/color][url=[no urls]]About me[/url][size=85][color=#0000FF]Well, you could click it, or PM me. Your choice![/color][/center][/size]
  15. Now I must apologize, I can pretty angry at times. As well, I was watching the pokemon world champions whilst writing this. So yeah... Oh yeah! I as well love pokemon, although I can't play it since I don't have a DS or anything like that, nor do I have the game.
  16. So, hope I didn't completely waste your time! Did I?

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