Melanie Martinez quiz

Hi fellow quiz maker! So i hear your a melanie martinez fan. Or so you think. With Melanie's new album coming out in two months i have decided to quiz you

Let's see if you are a true fan. Take the quiz and when your confident with all of your answers click done. Lets see how big of a fan you are. Good luck

Created by: Marla

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  1. What song is the lyric "I see things that nobody else sees"
  2. What song is the lyric "I see things that nobody else sees"
  3. What month was the Mad Hatter video released
  4. What is Melanie's middle name
  5. Which of these is NOT a Melanie Martinez song
  6. What side of Melanie's hair is always black
  7. Is Melanie's boyfriend in her Dollhouse video
  8. What Micheal Jackson song has Melanie Covered
  9. Joe is inspired by what character in another song
  10. Which of these songs is not inspired by Melanie's life

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