Hi. read the quiz! this is paragraph one. Pleas take the quiz. Paragraph 1 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters Paragraph 1 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters

Hi. read the quiz! This is paragraph two. Pleas take the quiz friendies Paragraph 2 must not contain gibberish or excessive repeating characters

Created by: SilverTree

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  1. Ok here are the list of people so far,sorry if i left you out: Kierra,Tori,Moyahsi,Icy,Hephy,Horse,Sunneh,Chessy~!
  2. First,Kierra. You were there for me since the begging. you are a true freind. I hope i never lose you :D
  3. Tori. I hardly know you yet your still a great friend. You are one of my Unicorn Buddies. Oh and here is a surprise ;) *smashes an egg on her head*
  4. Moyashi. I also dont know you much but i feel like that i really like you :)
  5. Icy,I am sorry your account got hacked. Still please stay. I love you and your stories. :D
  6. Hephy. You are the most Epic Kelvic i have ever seen. Sorry for the time i put the collor on you,i could just not resit x3
  7. Horse. You were also one of the first people who meet me here. Your an epic soaper and i like you :3
  8. Chessy,you are a smart and handsom kitteh. Dont ever forget that~
  9. Sunneh. You are another Epic person. Not only are you becoming a bit of a model but your are one of my greatest friends who put up with me. Oh and i still won the Squiggle contest!
  10. Thank you fortaking this and im sorry if i left you out!

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