Mega Harry potter quiz

This test is for people who think they'd do very well in ravenclaw, ONLY. You must be smart, or you will be facing expulsion from hogwarts! Can you get to NEWT, or will you stop by OWL, or will you get a T in everything

Will you be as smart as hermione, or as stupid as Ron or Neville? Take this test to find out! Remember, this test was made to be hard! You really have to know your potter for this...

Created by: Mega quiz
  1. What is the patronus charm?
  2. What wizard drink is alcoholic to house elves
  3. What does the fat lady say the password is when Harry says fairy lights
  4. Who/what does justin finch fletchy see the basilisk through
  5. Who is the female unregistered animagus
  6. What does Harry do with the elder wand at the end of the seventh BOOK
  7. What do Fred and George use Harry's thousand galleons for
  8. How do you spell Vincent's last name
  9. What house are the patil twins in
  10. Who does Ron go to the Yule ball with
  11. Who impersonated moody?
  12. Why do you think snape betrayed dumbedore in the sixth book

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