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By completing the Meet Your Match Adopter Survey we will understand your expectations for your new pet and this will help us determine which dog might best suit you.

There are no wrong answers, please answer the questions as honestly as possible. This will help us match you to the dog that is the best fit. After completing the survey, we will show you your color category.

Created by: Sarah
  1. I have owned a dog before.
  2. Last time you owned a dog
  3. My dog needs to get along with other dogs.
  4. My dog needs to be good with:
  5. My dog will be primarily:
  6. My dog needs to be alone:
  7. When Im not home, my dog will spend most of their time:
  8. When Im home I want my dog to be by my side:
  9. I want a guard dog:
  10. I want my dog to hunt or herd
  11. I want my dog to be the type that is very enthusiastic in the way he/she shows he/she loves people.
  12. I want my dog to be playful.
  13. I want my dog to be laid back.
  14. I am comfortable doing some training with my dog improve manner such as jumping, stealing food, and pulling on the leash.
  15. I (or my children) want to participate in Agility , Flyball, or Obedience with our dog.
  16. I am interested in a dog with special needs (medical or behavioral)

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