Meet myself! (Jennifer)

I know things about me, and you know things about you. Most people don't know much stuff about me, so here is a quiz where you can learn about me. I hope you like it!

Just pretend that you're back in kindergarten, listening to the teacher. The teacher is this quiz, and this "quiz teacher" is teaching you interesting things about me. Ok?

Created by: Jenniferdu

  1. I am seven years old. Really, I am!
  2. I usually make quizzes on iPads, which I bet nobody else does.
  3. My favorite food is bacon, and my favorite color is aquamarine.
  4. I love animals, and my favorite one is a cheetah. Mammals are my favorite group.
  5. I like fast animals and wild ones.
  6. I am really smart and I really want to go to a spelling bee.
  7. I wrote at least 3 stories.
  8. I'm novice.
  9. I love making quizzes and I love taking them, too. No matter what kind it is, I will take it.
  10. I like building stuff and writing stories.
  11. I want to be a pop star, scientist, architect, teacher or something that includes art, learning or taking care of something when I grow up.
  12. I can't wait to babysit because I wished for a little sister to take care of.
  13. I can draw pretty well and I can write really neat.
  14. I like chips, but my mom doesn't let me eat it.
  15. I am a drama queen.

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