Me and my friends! 3

I have many friends on gtq. . I am bored and want to level up. So enjoy this quiz. 2350 . This is about my friends on internet . Hope you like it .

Hmm. If I forgot anyone tell me. Comment and rate. I love you all. Take care. Have fun and collect information. Have a nice day. Bye. So start. I am really bored

Created by: Donotdisturb
  1. Dannylover321........ You are a sweet friend
  2. UnLoving.... You are awesome
  3. Doodle.... You are awesome
  4. mcqueen... My milk chocolate queen. My sister,I love her. You are amazing. I want that teddy bear. XD
  5. Joker1001..... What's up? I love your role plays.
  6. ICEE CHILL.... Don't tell her to be cool. She is always cool. I love you masta
  7. Bananabread... I am missing you
  8. Browniebunny... You are beautiful
  9. Zeldafanatic16.... One of my close friend
  10. Gracious.... You are ok
  11. Omg! I forgot,kish. Kish..... You are very friendly and mature
  12. BTR..... GIRL,IT IS ACTUALLY FAPPY BIRD. XD . My awesome friend
  13. The Geek.... You are helpful but sometimes creepy.
  14. Josiepurple.... I love purple
  15. SG115.... you are cool
  16. Veronica... You are my sweet friend
  17. Vira dash... Dude,you are cool

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