Do you consider yourself to be a genius? Well this test/quiz can completely prove the "smart you" that i hope is inside. So you think you crack the questions of the flock and their lives well good luck to you then.

Please please please take the quiz i made it fast but i mean Maximum Ride series is AMAZING! and Fang and Max and Iggy and Gazzy and Nudge and Angel make it that way! GOOD LUCK

Created by: Rachel
  1. Who said-"No-but we're dang cute."?
  2. How many years older is Gazzy then Angel?
  3. How many chapters are in "Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports?
  4. How many questions are left?
  5. Who is the 92-88 member in the Flock?
  6. this is an export from the book-Not to mention movie times and restaurant reveiws. I crack up every time i think about it. done with export thing. Who is "I" referring to?
  7. Who wrote the third book?
  8. What age does Max refer to as ancient?
  9. What is a human-lupine hybrid?
  10. How old are all the flock members?
  11. Why is the title of the quiz maximum fang luvr?

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