Marvel rp Story (Pt. 2) (for girls)

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If you have not read the past two quizzes that connect to this one, please do. I have these quizzes in order in my account. If you don’t then nothing will make sense, just a heads up.

Re Cap! Basically Y/N (Your Name) was brought back to S.H.I.E.L.D. From Hydra and is just getting on with her recovery. She was asked if Hydra had reviled any information and she told them that the vaguely recalled a conversation that puts everyone on edge.

  1. Beginning Paragraphs.
  2. You’re now being forced to stay in the S.H.I.E.L.D base for a number of reasons you know are all good reasons but at the same time it’s boring as HELL. (The reasons include you don’t know how stable your powers are, Hydra very clearly knows where you live and who you are, and by extension, might know the same about your family. Along with the fact that you might remember something else important.)
  3. You’re given a better room than the medical room you had to stay in for the first while and your friends are the only regular company you have. You feel kinda awkward walking around the base so you mostly stay in your room. One day you get a knock at your door you pause with whatever you’re doing. “Come in.” What was it that you were doing?
  4. Nick Fury stands in your doorway and you nearly have a heart attack. What is your first thought?
  5. “Miss. Y/L/N.” He says, stepping in. “I have a proposition for you.” You blink before nodding a little and slowly putting away what you were doing, confused and nervous if anything. “You are going to need to control your new superhuman abilities before you’re allowed back in the world and you probably don’t have much to do around here. Barnes told me what you did back in the Hydra base, and I think that with the right training that you could be a great hero, or ally at they very least.” He looks at you with his one eye and you shift a little. “Would you like to train your abilities so that nothing accidentally bad happens with them?” He asks. You respond how?
  6. You walk along side your friend Charlie, who is leading you through one of the halls in the S.H.I.E.L.D base. “Fury said you get to go in the safer training rooms. You know, with the padded walls and stuff for the beginners. It’s because he doesn’t want whoever you’re training with to be killed accidentally if you slam them into a wall.” She explained “If you get better you’ll probably be trusted in the normal training rooms and stuff, but oh my god one of my best friends is going to be a superhero!” She noticed the shocked and terrified look on your face and amended “Might. Might be a superhero. Maybe you’ll just get to be someone Fury can call for back up or a place to lay low.” “Sounds great.” You say nudging your friend “What if I want my normal life back.” “No matter what, Fury is going to reach out at some point, or if any of the other heroes need you. Believe me, retirement is not an option. Especially for you, because of Hydra.” How do you feel about this conversation?
  7. She opens a door to a medium sized room, with, as Charlie had said, padded walls and floor. It looked more like a larger version of the solitary confinement rooms except for the practice weapons on a long rack beside the door. Nick Fury was waiting inside along with someone you recognize as the person who got you out of the Hydra base, and had seen when Fury called you in for questioning. “Ooo.” Charlie whispers barely loud enough for you to hear. “You get to train with the super soldier. That’s fair, he probably won’t die if you throw him into a wall a few times.” “Agent Brooks you are excused.” Fury said calmly. Charlie nodded calmly and gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before she left. “This is James Barnes, though you may recognize him as the person who rescued you from Hydra. He will be training with you. He’s had the super serum so he can take more than a hit, as well as..” he pauses, making a face. “Similar experiences.” He gives both of you a look. “Don’t kill each other by accident.” Fury leaves and you stand awkwardly for a moment. What now?
  8. (If you responded “so, do you want to start?”) “Right. Are you any good right now with hand to hand or no experience?” “Uh, I’m going to go with no experience.” You say, walking a little further into the room. “What’s your name?” He asks eventually, as he starts teaching you how to hold your footing along with basic fighting posture and techniques. “Y/N.” You reply, mimicking his movements. “Bucky.” He responds while he teaches you to keep your balance while shifting weight from one foot to the other.
  9. (If you said Uhm, I’m Y/N) He gives you a nod. “Bucky.” He says. “Do you know much about your ability?” You knew he was referring to your telekinesis, so you shook your head. “It seems pretty powerful.” He comments. You nod, not quite sure of what to do. “Would you like to start with that or general fighting?” “Uh, fighting.” You say, though it sounds more like a guess than it should.
  10. (If you responded with “Thanks for getting me out of Hydra, uh.”) “Don’t mention it.” He says with a swift nod. “No one deserves to be in there.” “Do you mind me asking what happened to Hermit?” You venture curiously, worried about the friend you had made. His eyes soften slightly “The old man? He’s doing good as far as I know. Fury put him in protective services.” You nod “Thanks for getting him out.” “Like I said. No one deserves that.”
  11. (You cannot ask if Bucky likes flaming hot Cheetos.”
  12. You spend the week or so dividing time between just sitting in your room doing whatever and talking with your friends and training with Bucky. You’ve also made a schedule to practice your telekinesis, starting with little things. If you can move big things with your mind, then you can do delicate tasks as well. Just yesterday you learned how to get into the mechanism of Bucky’s metal arm and take it off. Needless to say; that was funny. (Yes, you apologized, but it was still funny. And you made the mistake of telling Charlie and are now a good eighty percent sure that she’s going to use it as blackmail.) Over all you have been doing a lot better than the first few days in S.H.I.E.L.D. You even had the chance to call your mother, who was worried sick but you had to convince her that you were ok but unable to have visitors because you had a very contagious illness, though you didn’t have any of the symptoms. Obviously this was a lie, but you weren’t allowed to tell her the truth.
  13. ~back in Hydra~ a few people were gathered in a room, discussing in low tones. “I told you to not do that.” The one at the head of the oval table said, with their fingers pressed together and a dangerous, forced expression on their face. “Sorry sir, but S.H.I.E.L.D is going in for the kill-“ “and is that any excuse for not following orders?” The first man demanded “No sir.” The second person said, bowing his head shamefully. A gun was fired. “Would anyone else like to do things without permission?” The man at the head of the table asked calmly. The room was silent. “Good. Where is Rouge now. We have to call her off.” “After the target.” Someone responded, glancing at the body of the now dead man next to them. The one at the head of the table grumbled something but nodded slowly. “Very well. We’re going to have to work with this, I want all eyes watching it unfold.”
  14. Another short one, my apologies.

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