Mandalorian Trivia?

Many people want to be a Mandalorian.Few ,however, qualify. Good luck and remember taht Mandalorians are a rare breed of brave men and women who unite together to stop the Republic.Hail Mandalore!

Are YOU a Mandalorian.Maybe... take this quiz to find out!We must unite to destroy the Republic!And hey who wouldn't wanna be an awesome soldier! I mean come on! Mandalorians rule!

Created by: Amish Man
  1. How many clans are there?
  2. How many Mandalorians are in Knights Of The old republic?
  3. What is the signifigance of Jaster Meerel?
  4. Are Aliens allowed to be Mandalorrians?
  5. Describe the Republic.
  6. What is the Mandalorian Armor in Knights Of the Old Republic called?
  7. How does Boba Fett die?
  8. What is the Death Watch?
  9. Does Jango Fett surrender to Mace Windu?
  10. what planet do Mandalorians come from?

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