Mahoutokoro Sorting Scroll

Welcome to Mahoutokoro School of Magic. Are you an intuitive Seiran, a patient Yosamu, the meticulous Toppuu or the curious Shunrai? Which of the 4 houses are you meant for?The scroll is here, are you ready to find out?

*Note: this quiz is based on the limited information from wikia and is somewhat headcanon-ed. It might be slightly inaccurate depending on how the story proceeds

Created by: Kaoru
  1. First off, choose a color.
  2. Imagine you're at a hotel, and there's a sign telling you to reuse your towels for environmental conservation purpose. You...
  3. You're at that hotel again. The day after you decided to (or not to) reuse your towel, you went to breakfast. Suddenly you heard a scream. That would be...
  4. It turned out to be a murder. Someone found a dead body near the elevator. The first thing you do is...
  5. Let's go away from the murder. Choose one.
  6. In the unlikely event of a fire, you were required to evacuate. The first thing you save is...
  7. What is your best value?
  8. Would you rather be...
  9. Choose a subject.
  10. Choose a subject.

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