Magic and more magic

Do you want to know if you are small with dazzling wings or have little pointy ears, whether you can breath fire or believe your in candy land if you do find out in this quiz below.

This quiz has been specially developed to find out if in an imaginary world you would become a fairy, elf, dragon or unicorn, so have a go and see which one you are!

Created by: Ada

  1. what is your favourite colour ?
  2. would you rather be able to?
  3. what season do you like the most?
  4. what is your favourite food out of these?
  5. where would you rather live?
  6. which fruit do you like the most out of these?
  7. which holiday do you like the most?
  8. what planet?
  9. which number?
  10. what is your favourite movie?

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