Lyridia Social Credits Test.

Hello. This is the social credits test about Lyridia. Kazarchian also has A different alphabet, but but keyboard is not yet made. That is why I still type in Latin Alphabet.

Pŕvłő tō zá sôcıálè credıtß test abűþ Lyrıdıa. That was Kazarchian lol and that is the language spoken in Lyridia. But you will not easily understand it.

Created by: R007 Carrot. of TC/ARK Info Wiki.
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  1. What is the strongest and best country?
  2. What is the richest country?
  3. Do you like 18+ things?
  4. Pŕvłő.
  5. Who is the best leader of Lyridia?
  6. Hoidoei.
  7. Do you like Lyridia?
  8. Is Lyridia good for you?
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  11. Lyridia is leader.
  12. End.
  13. Invade Lyridia?
  14. Interpunction.

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