Luck Of The Draw

Looking at these questions, you might be thinking, "Oh goodness, this is so easy! I'll ace this no problem!" Wrong. Impossibly wrong. Really, truly, impossibly wrong.

Are you lucky? Take this quiz and find out! The questions are so simple- how can you possibly lose? Only if you hit the wrong duplicate of the answer! All of them are the same... but only ONE is right! Do you have the luck of the draw?

Created by: Anna

  1. What is two plus two?
  2. What is my screenname on this site?
  3. Have I made Ninjago quizzes before?
  4. Am I an alien?
  5. What color is the sky?
  6. How many arms do General Greivous, Samukai, and General Kozu have ALTOGETHER?
  7. What hairstyle does Kai the red Ninjago ninja have?
  8. Do most Ninjago fans want Chima to get outta Dodge?
  9. What is five plus ninety-five?
  10. What pairing is Ninjago's main pairing?
  11. What is ten minus four?

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