Lps popular quiz

This quiz is not hard and I believe everyone will make a good grade on this I'm proud of the people who try on these quizzes on this amazing website so gooD luck ;)

Do you know everything on lps popular? Are you smarter than the average dog? Or mean cat? Well if you are then try this quiz and pass. And just don't guess.

Created by: Katie

  1. Who was savvy's old friend
  2. Where did savvy used live?
  3. Who are savvy's new girl friends
  4. Why did savvy get a makeover
  5. Who is sage's family friend
  6. Who is Genny's crush
  7. Where the rumors true about savvy
  8. What happened at Brooke's party
  9. Why did savvy want to loose weight
  10. What type of animal is Brooke

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