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I really like the game series; 'the legend of Zelda' at the moment, i am playing twilight princess again, so i decided to make a quiz about it. Have fun!

So, how well do you know all the characters? Let's find out! Make sure to take your master sword, hylian( or Ordon) shield, and some potions with you!

Created by: OmegaWolf9

  1. So, this quiz does not determine what character you are most like, it's a quiz to see how well you know the characters names.
  2. So let's start off easy. He is the character you play, he is the hero of time, wears a green tunic, and transforms into a wolf multiple times throughout the game.
  3. She is princess Hyrule, wears a black cape in the beginning, and later gets used as a puppet by ___.
  4. She is a friend of link and also from Ordon village, she is daughter of the mayor, and likes Epona.
  5. She is the horse of the main character and wants the main character to transform back into a human whenever he is a wolf.
  6. She is princess of the Twili, got transformed into an imp, and is the main characters companion throughout the game?
  7. He once tried to become king of the Twili, and finally succeeded with his evil power.
  8. He is the main antagonist of the game, you fight him in his beast form, and was once tried to be executed.
  9. He is the main antagonist of the game, you fight him in his beast form, and was once tried to be executed.
  10. Okay, let's get just a bit harder. She is the leader of the resistance, and she owns a bar.
  11. He is also a member of the resistance group, he is a scholar, and studies the notes and stories his father left him about sky creatures ( later to be known as the Oocca)
  12. She is a white persian cat, she helps the main character, and steels the wooden statue from the medical clinic.
  13. He is the shaman of kakariko village, he has one daughter, and saved the Ordon village children.
  14. He is the owner of the bomb shop, he panics when monsters are in town, and and is often seen wearing a mask.
  15. She is an old lady, lives in the hidden village and is/was one of the sheikah.
  16. Another member of the resistance, she is tough and smart, and was trained as a warrior by her father like she was his son.
  17. He also is a member of the resistance, he comes from Odon, has a wife and son, and appears directly at the beginning of the game.
  18. Member of the resistance, studies the desert later on in the game, and saved Fyers life once.
  19. Mayor of Ordon village, father of the main character's friend, is the only human except the main character to know how to defeat the Gorons.
  20. The smallest of the Ordon children, later owns a shop in Kakariko, and castle town.
  21. One of the Ordon children, he wants to take your sword, and chases the female monkey.
  22. Daughter of shopkeeper Sera, she is one of the Ordon children.
  23. He once got consumed by greed, the main character now has to collect poe souls to help him.
  24. She lives in castle town and gives the main character 50-100 rupees for bugs.

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