love and bloood 13

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are you ready? I still can't belive that it's all ready the 13 one so far! unbeliveable! I am so excited for the 20th. wonder what that's going to be about?

anyway I just love this series and all t's charecters. if I didn't then why would I be making these in the first place? I hope you enjoy every delious detail I have for you.

Created by: bla city

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  1. you keep leaning in. then you smack him in the face. "Oww! he says. "hahahahahahahahahahah." you fall over laughing. "I thought you wanted to?" he yells at you. you still falling over laughing your head off. "everyone knows I won't give up this. I am trusworthy with this. and I do know that doesn't work. I'm smarteir than you think." you keep laughing.
  2. you are now pressed up agenst the wall. and guess who ahs you?
  3. it was cassel. he trapped you agenst the wall. "wha the heck do you want?" you yell. "for you to kiss me." you have now where to move now and he just comes closer and you can't move. then...............mean while "guys, I think were lost." says kanan. they all look around and it's getting dark.
  4. they turn around and find a wolf in the dark. "holy s---!" yells race. and the wolf pounces.
  5. meanwhile...................................................he comes so close. then, he kisses you. and when he does it was like the world just was gone. all that felt like it was here was you and cassel. you get him off you and your eyes are wide. he is a good kisser.
  6. "How was it?" he asked. you couldn't say a word. it just knocked your hard feelings for him right out. but, you still don't like him. but not as bad."A kink, has some special qualitys. like the one you just discovered there. I really like you. even thouh I just met you, but I feel something strong between us.
  7. afterwards. you start to get along with him. you let cassel do sertain things, but not alot. you don't trust him completly yet. he isn't what you want him to be. or is he?
  8. mean while.................... "Well that was fun." "strike one for the wolf, one for the dainenster! wo!" dainen threw his hands in the air and put away his gun. (he lesft the flame thrower for you)
  9. when dainen was about to do a happy dance, he got muled by another wolf. this one was a sparking gold with silver eyes.
  10. bye

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