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Created by: bla city

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  1. ok, so you got slapped in the ass by cassel..f--- anyway this is more of this amazing story eveyone seems to love.
  2. "sorry, um, why did you wear that anyway?" asked cassel. you look at him and turn around and walk away. then, someone smashes down the door and you see and human figure."What the f--- is going on here?"he says. "Red? what the f--- are u doing here?" cassel asks.
  3. ok, so you and red meet each other and talk for a while. you too start to get along really well. then, u hear the strangest noise. "WE ARE FINNALY HOME!" u turn around and there's daine kissing the floor.
  4. you guys hug alot and kiss and stuff. until lauran breaks the love group and say,"cassel,red...long time no see." everyone turns around and looks in there derection."What are you doing here red?"asks race. "Bussness that you don't need to know." he says and walks to the closet garden.
  5. 5 hours later, you are walking along the hall way to the basement. you find a door that says don't open. u open it anyway. the stairs ache as you step down them. your at the bottom and it's like a big hole in a wall. not small at all. you walk forward and think of what would happen down here, in the darkness. you keep walking and you see a shadow and turn around and see nothing. you stsart to breath hard and walk farther into the basement. then you feel someone grab you and and pull you back farther and father into the darkeness of the basement.
  6. you wake up and strapped to a wall full of rust and slim....and blood.
  7. you hear foot steps and you hear a vouice low and dark. "your lucky I didn't kill you now."
  8. bye
  9. you like it?
  10. ok,whatever

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