London walks: The Jubilee Greenway (Part 2)

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The Jubilee Greenway walk is one of the walks in London. It is quite short and probably can be done in under an hour. How much do you know about it?

Find out by taking my wonderful quiz on The Jubilee Greenway walk (Part 2) It will increase your knowledge in London. I hope you do well. Good luck and enjoy.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. This walk takes us from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace
  2. Where does it start?
  3. What is the nearest tube to the start?
  4. How long is it in miles?
  5. What bridge do you cross over the river Thames?
  6. What famous building will you pass?
  7. What park will you walk around?
  8. How long is it in kilometres?
  9. Where does it end?
  10. Which of these stations are not nearest to the end?

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