Local or Benny?

Way to go if your a local, better than being a benny, stick the shore, and defend it.

Take it back to the city brah, your not welcome

Created by: Ant

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  1. Do you wear shoes to the beach?
  2. Do you call it the Jersey Shore?
  3. Do you say your from Joyzee
  4. Do you walk around with a surf board, but dont really surf?
  5. Do you spike your hair and wear gold chains?
  6. Do you always have wax and a scraper with you no matter where you go?
  7. The only time you dont wear a bathing suit is when your going somewhere to eat?
  8. Does your thursday night at the shore consist of surfclub?
  9. Do you think girls that take pictures in negative are hot?
  10. When your at the beach is there a surfboard rack on your car or a luggage rack?
  11. Everytime you see a show that has pictures of the jersey shore, do you know where the places are?
  12. Do you pay to get on the beach?

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