Life In Nowherewille, pt.1

Well you just moved into nowhereville, kansas. (any link to a real town is accidental)The town's actual name is Calixa, but you just call it nowheresville.

So good luck meeting the neighbors. keep in mind i odnt want any f this crap. you ned to seriously live yuor life. do what you would really do. I try to make this quiz for boys and girls.

Created by: kantuno
  1. Your car pulls in your driveway. You get out and begin pulling in your things when a boy of 15 walks up to you. He says "Hello, welcome to calixa. im Bill." (you are 16)
  2. "May i help you withyour luggage?" Bill asks.
  3. Before you can answer, a voice says "BILL GET IN HERE!" Bill runs in his house.
  4. You feel like youhave to see waht is going on and peekin his window. You hear his mom talkin to him about something.
  5. You feel lie you need to unpack, no matter what you said. If you dont, it ay get stolen! So you finish unpacking and are ready to relax.
  6. You eventually fall asleep whaever you said, feeling to exhusted to eve walk out the door. You wake up by a knock on your door.
  7. you try to sleep if thts what u said but u kee waking up. so you go answer the door. A girl named lisa is standing there. you recognize her from the window across the street.
  8. "Hi, im lisa. Welcome to Nowheresville." she rolls her eyes.
  9. "Well i gotta go see you later, loser"
  10. And you go to sleep again, drifting off and dreaming about...

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