LIFE IN FIRE CLAN!!! (kit edition)(girls only)

Hi guys you are fern kit of fire clan and you have pawsome littermates like meadow kit, iron kit, berry kit, stone kit, and fox kit. what kind of life will you lead?!

please guys promise me you will read the the paragraph that comes when the quiz is done it has some important stuff. i hope yalllike ma quiz!!!! bye!!

Created by: LMSB23

  1. "She opened her eyes!!!" exclaimed an unfamialiar voice. Bewildered, you scramble for the the opening by the bramble. You are just about there when a giant pale paw pulls you into a warm flank. you:
  2. After a few days, you decide to try to play moss ball with your littermates. as you heading there, a bright orange kit stalks up to you. "moss ball is for little kits, come hunt with me." you:
  3. After a couple more days, you meet all your litter mates. Berry kit, The funny and ambitous, Fox kit: the WAY TO AMBITOUS, Meadow kit: friendly and best friend, Stone kit: the kind, Iron kit:the sarcastic, and slenderkit: the lazy. you like...
  4. One day, you sneak out to the forest with Stone kit, Fox kit, and Iron kit. "there's no prey any where!!" the sarcastic she-cat said frustratedly. "You'll scare all the prey away for miles making all that racket Iron kit!" Said fox kit, annoyed. " ha ha very funny" Iron kit said rolling her eyes. you then spot a rabbit. you:
  5. You pad over to hear a story from the elders, but stone kit stops you "uh.. um... i was wondering if you wanted to um...hunt with... you
  6. You have been a kit FOREVER!!! you cannot wait for your apprentice ceremony. you hear a voice calling you. you hope its...
  7. If you had to choose, what would you describe yourself as?
  8. bye now!!
  9. ok so apparently there are supposed to be 10questions so ilbe makin more...
  10. You bound onto the high rock and your chest shines with pride!! you are at you apprentice ceremony! You-CLIFFHANGER!!! COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TA MAKE MORE!!!

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