LIFE IN FIRE CLAN!!! (apprentice edition) (girls only)

So you need to knowyou are no longer fern paw but meadow paw an PLEASE make sure to comment, by rating, giving feedback, and sharing you PAWSOME results!

So this quiz is mostly about love but there is a medicine cat option so choose wisely jsievfnhciilvudsfigefnlubvhmlvidocl9m;aiojsdfocmluvnoocunminunvi

Created by: LMSB23

  1. Ok so bassically you used to be fern paw right? but i made a couple mistakes so i changed your name to meadow paw and fern paw is now your best friend! got that?
  2. You pad toward the apprentice den exitedly. your mentor is morsefoot. you inspect the den. you make your nest...
  3. When you wake up, you notice berry paw has moved closer to you. you
  4. Morse foot asks what you want to learn in training that day. you reply:
  5. You end up going hunting, and berry paw joins you. morse foot goes a different direction, leaving you and berry paw alone. "er, i gotta tell you somethin meadow paw, i kinda like you... you dont have to like me back" he says sheepishley, then runs away. you think:
  6. Back at camp, stone paw and fox paw are waiting for you, and berry is grooming himself nervously. fox paw steps forward, we all have something to tell you, but berry paw already did. fox paw paused and glared at his brother then moved on. me 'an stone paw like you to, so, ... who do you choose
  7. Ok, so from now on _________ means whoever you chose in the last question. if you chose none, just deal with it
  8. The next day _______ walks up to you and smiles. he sets down a peice of prey. I want to show you some place tonight. he whispers quietly. you think:
  9. Ok, so who is __________ i gotta know
  10. You stalk proudly up the high rock! it is your warrior naming ceremony!!! you-CLIFFHANGER

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