Life and Love at Hogwarts (Part 6)

Who will your Hogwarts boyfriend be? Take this quiz to see who is you Hogwarts Hottie. Make new relationships and break some, make new friends and loose some in the process.


Created by: Blahh45

  1. Recap: Ron HATES you. You and Neville had a fight but you're friends now. Hermione and Ginny hung out with some of your Slytheirn friends, you met Cedric Diggory and got attacked by Buckbeak. Got it? Also, after this one, I can go back to writing each of my series once a week! Also, I'm sorry but the options are going to be a little lazy other than the last question.
  2. ......You awoke to see four people fighting by your bed, but couldn't see who they were. You vision was considerably distorted; you could only see things above and under you, you also felt an irritating scratching sensation in your eyes, each time you blinked. You contacts had a gone awry. You fixed them but still couldn't see the people's faces. You saw two people, a girl and a boy. "You should have listened to Hagrid! Because of you ______ can't try out for Quidditch!" You heard someone say. "Like I wanted her to push me out of the way?!" The other voice said. "If she didn't than you would have gone all melodramatic and said what you always do, 'My father will hear about this!' And gotten Hagrid sacked!" Another voice said. "Huh? Who's there?" You asked, you had gotten over talking French around people because you wouldn't make any friends if they couldn't understand what you were saying. Everyone went quiet as you spoke. "______? Are you okay?" A voice said, your vision was still blurry. Although you could recognize the voice, "Yeah, I'm fine Hermione. And Karla, I'm trying out for Quidditch anyway, even if I have to take a potion that gives me an extra arm! Even though, no such potion exists." The two girls sighed in relief. "Now who else is here? I saw four people when I woke up. You two, Draco I think, and who else?" You asked not directing your question to anyone in particular. Hermione answered, "Ron, came to say that you and Malfoy should've gotten cut." "Where. Is. That. Git?!" You said while gritting your teeth, clenching your left fist, and manipulating the blankets with your right. "With Harry in the Great Hall, it's dinner," Hermione said. "Madam Pomfrey! I feel fine, I'm going to dinner!" You shouted as you stood up. You felt a searing pain through the crescent scar on your shoulder and noticed that it was completely visible. Madam Pomfrey nodded and you left. You immediately placed your hand over your scar and walked to dinner. When you arrived you strutted towards Ron leaving your Slytherin side under lock and key. "Hi, Ron! How did Hagrid's lesson go after I left, Harry?" You sat beside Hermione and across from Harry. "Awful! Malfoy's still going to tell his father, lord knows why," Harry said having sarcasm layer the last half of the sentence. "Malfoy is being a prat about it, although maybe his father won't be so bad to Hagrid because he wasn't attacked," you said calmly. "Doubt it," Ron said as he joined the conversation. "Why is that, Ron?" You asked. "Of course his father won't lesson the punishment for Malfoy's girlfriend!" Ron nearly yelled. "I didn't know Parkinson got hurt too," you said sarcastically. Hermione and Ginny, who sat on either side of you, started laughing until Hermione accidentally spit pumpkin juice at Ron, this made you laugh hysterically. "Sorry Ron," Hermione apologized as she tossed Ron a napkin. Ron nodded angrily at her and just glared at you. "You have to admit, that was funny!" Ginny said. "Ron getting pumpkin juiced or the Parkinson comment?" Harry asked while laughing. "Both!" You, Hermione, and Ginny said at once. The three of you started laughing at your unplanned unisons when suddenly two red heads came over. "What's so funny?" They asked in unison, Fred and George.
  3. "Ron got pumpkin juiced! And _____ made a funny comment about Malfoy!" Hermione laughed. "How'd he get pumpkin juiced?" George asked. "Hermione was laughing about the comment I made and spat pumpkins juice at him," you said. "What was the funny Malfoy comment?" Fred asked. Ginny nudged you. You explained the comment about Parkinson and Malfoy dating. When you had finished Fred and George were laughing, although them being infamous pranksters didn't find it absolutely hilarious. Not that you expected them to. "Oh, and Ron, if Malfoy and I didn't hurt ourselves to your liking, my apologies," you said icily as you left. You heard Fred and George ask what that was about and heard Hermione explain. You retrieved your Nimbus 2001 and headed towards the Quidditch Pitch to practice before the next day's tryouts. During practice you pretended that the Bludgers were Ron's face for you weren't entirely fond of him at the moment. After about five minutes of you ranting you heard someone. "Your going to break that Bludger you know?" A Scottish voice asked. On instinct you hit the Bludger to the voice. "Yikes!" The person said as he dove downwards a few meters. "______! You're going to kill me!" The voice said. "Oliver?" You asked as you looked around for the Quidditch Captain. He nodded. "Hold on!" You said as you caught the bludger before it could hit either of you. You locked the bludger in the chest and turned to Oliver. "Sorry about the bludger. I didn't recognize your voice for a moment," you apologized. "So, who were you pretending the bludger was?" Oliver asked as he mounted his broom. "No one!" You said much too quickly. "Don't lie, you can't hit that hard unless you are hitting someone." "Fine. I was pretending it was Ron's face," you replied calmly. Oliver's face then turned cold. "What'd he do?" He asked. You explained the last few encounters with Ron, leaving out the part about you kissing Draco, as you mounted your broom as well. Oliver nodded and became eager to change the subject. "Where's your Firebolt?" "I'm only going to use it for matches so people will be surprised, Hermione gave me the Nimbus," you said as you flew a few meters up. Oliver followed suit. "Hey, wanna play a quick game of Quidditch, Oliver?" You asked. "Sure, let me get my friends. Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin. 4 on 4," Oliver answered happily. "Meet me back here in an hour," you said as you dove. You quickly ran to the Slytherin common room, not caring that you arm was in a sling, you were going to be beater. "Karla! Califina! Mazy! Come on, we're gonna go play a Quidditxh match against the Gryffindors! Califina, since you don't have a broom you can use my Nimbus." You called to your friends. They happily hopped down stairs in casual clothes and Califina had brought you your Firebolt. You thanked her and traded brooms. Mazy was to be seeker, since she also had a Firebolt. Califina was going to be the keeper. You were to be a beater, and Karla was to be a chaser. "Let's go!" You shouted happily leading your 'team' to the Quidditch Pitch. When you arrived you saw that the Gryffindors hadn't come yet. "Everyone okay with their positions?" You asked. Mazy spoke up, "Um, yeah I can't be seeker, I can't see that well." "That's cool, it's just because it's a tiny golden ball, I'll trade you," you said. Mazy nodded and thanked you. Just then the Gryffindors arrived. Oliver was the keeper, Harry was their seeker, Fred was their beater, and George was their chaser. "Not fair! They have people from the actual Quidditch team!" Califina hissed in your ear. "So? We're only playing for fun," Karla assured her. "Let's play!" You said to your team. They nodded and you all met the Gryffindors half way down the pitch. You, liking fair play, whispered something to Karla. "Sure!" She said as she handed you her Firebolt. "Harry! Here, I like to play fair so you can borrow Karla's Firebolt," you handed Harry the Firebolt. "Why?" He asked while taking the broom. "Because I have a Firebolt and I'm an seeker too," you said as you took his Nimbus 2000 and handed it to Karla. "Thanks, good luck, haven't lost a game in years!" Harry said as he shook your hand.
  4. After two hours, dinner was still going on, the match ended. The fair game ended with Gryffindor- 180, Slytherin- 50, naturally Harry got the snitch first you were only an inch behind him though. "I shouldn't have given you the Firebolt!" You complained jokingly while telling Harry good job. "Curse you for playing fair!" Harry replied just as jokingly. You nodded and asked, "Harry, are we.......good? I mean you've only hated me for like two days and I can't take it. Maybe it's because of Ron's constant taunting or because you actually get me." Harry suddenly turned completely serious. He nodded and hugged you. You returned it and Harry let you read his mind. {Harry's thoughts} Absolutely, as for Ron"”I'm going to let that go on to see how far it goes. {Reality} You laughed and nodded. "Thanks!" You said as you headed back to the Great Hall. Dinner had just ended and you were starving. "I'll see you later, Harry, I'm gonna get some food. Want anything?" You said. Harry shook his head. You walked over to Fred and George. "Fred! George! How do you get into the kitchens?" You said. "Down in the dungeons there's a portrait of fruit," "tickle the green pear," the twins said finishing each others sentences as always. You nodded, thanked them, and skipped to the kitchens. You tickled the pear and were admitted to the kitchens. You were immediately bombarded by house elves. "You are the cooks?" You asked. The house elves nodded. "Well then, I give the chefs my compliments, the meals are perfect!" You praised. The elves thanked you and offered you everything from toast to pumpkin juice. "Could I please have a glass of butter-beer? And a couple chicken wings?" You asked. The elves nodded and you thanked them graciously. A house elf approached you, you recognized her. "Mistress!" The elf said. "Oh, Eve, I'm not your mistress," you said as you laughed. "You freed Eve from awful Avery! What a horrible thing to say!" Eve said as she grabbed the nearest frying pan and prepared to hit herself with it. From habit you immediately relinquished her grasp of the pan and set it down. "Thank you, mistress, Eve has not forgotten the habit of hitting herself," the elf said. You told the elf that it was alright as another elf gave you your food. "Oh, Eve, is this Miss. _____?" He asked. Eve nodded and said, "Mistress, Eve wants mistress to meet Eve's friend Dobby!" You nodded as Dobby said, "Isn't Miss. _____ friends with Harry Potter?" You nodded and ate your food. "House elves have magic that allows them to apparate inside the school, right?" You asked once you had washed your dishes, much to the house elves disappointment. Eve nodded. "I'm not supposed to be out of my room right now, so could you take me there?" You asked. This time Dobby nodded. The house elf took you by the arm and in about two seconds you were in your dorm without Dobby by your side. "Thanks," you whispered to shimmering air to your left. 'Quidditch tryouts tomorrow!' You thought as you fell asleep. You awoke at five in the morning for some last minute training, if you consider eight hours early to be last minute. You noticed that you hadn't traded Harry for the Firebolt back. You grabbed Harry's Nimbus 2000 and rushed to the Gryffindor Common Room.
  5. As you got there the portrait swung forward. You jumped back in time to see........... Nothing.....? Suddenly Harry's head appeared from nowhere. "Harry?" "_____?" The two of you said together. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Could ask your head the same! Although, I forgot to get Karla's Firebolt back. So I'll just drop your Nimbus off and take her broom back. Now two questions. 1. What is your head doing? And 2. Where's the rest of you?" You said. Harry laughed. "What?! It's a legit question, when your friend's head is floating at 5:30 in the morning!" You defended. "The invisibility cloak, just like the one Neville and I used to give you the map. And I'm sneaking off to the Quidditch Pitch to practice for the next match," Harry replied as he took the cloak off. "I'm heading to the pitch too, tryouts are later. Wait for me?" You say. Harry nodded and you rushed to return the Nimbus 2000. "You can use my Firebolt today and I'll use Karla's for now, that okay?" You asked as Harry attempted to cover the two of you. Harry nodded and you both headed towards the pitch. When you arrived Harry asked, "So what position are you trying for?" "Beater, you should see me swing!" You replied. "Please say you mean the bat?" Harry asked a little panic in his voice. "Yes and my fists sometimes, I made a Durmstrang 5th year cry, I punched him because he kept watching 'The way I walked'!" You said happily. "Remind me not to get too far on your bad side. Although if you punched someone for staring at you, than why haven't you punched Ron for being a git?" Harry asked. "He's only been insulting me, sure it hurts but it isn't physical or perverted so I just fire back with something that hurts just as well," you said calmly as you caused the chest full of Quidditch balls to come whiz-zing from the castle. Harry nodded and mounted his broom. "You gonna look for the snitch while I keep the bludgers off ya?" You shouted to him as he ascended into the air. "Yeah!" Harry shouted back. You realize asked the snitch, "When I say go!" Harry shouted his understandings as you released the bludgers and took a bat. "Go!" You shouted. You followed the bludgers, hitting them each time, for about two hours before Harry caught the snitch. "What took so long? You're on a Firebolt, the fastest broom yet, and no one is here to shove you off course!" You said as you caught the bludgers, almost breaking a rib or two in the process. "I was too busy watching you," Harry said and you blushed. "Ready for breakfast? I want to see what 'fabulous' insults Ron come up with," Harry asked. You nodded and laughed. "Oh! Can you tell Hermione to save me a seat, I have to give Karla's broom back. Although, this is the last day that I'm going to sit with the Gryffindors, Dumbledore said that my Slytherin break has gone long enough," you said and when Harry nodded you ran off to find Karla. You caught her snogging her boy friend, Terry Boot a Hufflepuff, in an empty corridor. You knocked on the wall and they broke apart. "Karla, sorry to interrupt, but forgot to give you back your Firebolt. Here. Go back to whatever it was you were doing," you handed Karla the Firebolt, waved to her and Terry, and left.
  6. You walked into the Great Hall to see Ron and Draco in a physical fight. You saw Malfoy throw a punch and Ron dodged and did the same but collided with Draco's stomach. Everyone was formed in a ring around them, encouraging the fight. You saw Malfoy punch Ron in the face and snapped. You whispered something to Hermione who nodded. "Knock it off!" You shouted to no acknowledgment, as you had expected. "Patrificus Totalus!" You shouted your wand at Draco and Hermione at Ron. You yelled at Draco for a few moments as Hermione scolded Ron. You got a good grip on Draco's arm before releasing him from the full body bind. "Who threw the first punch?" You asked as Hermione released Ron. "The Weasel!" Draco shouted while struggling uselessly against your grip. "Did you, Ronald?" You asked and when he nodded you asked, "Why?" "He called my family a disgrace to the wizarding world, and called Hermione a you-know-what!" Ron shouted from halfway across the room. You looked at Harry who nodded. You walked in front of Draco and said, "Ron and I may not be friends at the moment but some of the people you insulted are!" At that you punched him in the nose. "I'll take my detention now!" You said as Draco ran to tell a professor. You walked over and stood beside Hermione who said, "You have no clue how long I've wanted to do that!" Ron just said, "Didn't need your help!" "Yeah right, if Draco told Snape about a Gryffindor punching him, you'd be in deep s*** by him AND Mcgonnagle, but if Draco tells Snape that a Slytherin punched him he'll let favoritism take hold!" You said. Ron just rolled his eyes. "Also, I didn't need my honey bunch to be hurt by a Gryffindor!" You pouted sarcastically. Hermione laughed and pointed your sarcasm out to Ron. "Ha-ha," Ron said with absolutely no emotion whatsoever in his voice. You told Hermione that you were going to eat and then go practice some more. "You and Quidditch I swear. You and Oliver would make a great couple!" Hermione said. "Maybe if he wasn't four years older than me!" You laughed as you ate oatmeal. Harry walked past and brushed your arm quickly {Harry's thoughts} Nice! Can't believe you punched Malfoy. {Reality} "Honestly, me either!" You told him. After you had stuffed yourself you headed to the Quidditch Pitch only to meet Draco on the way. "Hey, Draco, sorry about that but most of the Weasley's are my friends and I stick up for my friends. Now if it is a fight against friends, I stick up for the ones that haven't caused me too much trouble," you said as you caught him with your good arm. "How have I caused you trouble?!" He asked. "That kiss the other day got me a lot of grief from people," you explained awkwardly. Draco nodded, apologized quietly, and went on his way. You practiced for 1 hour before tryouts, after that you'd had an hour to find Professor Snape to give you fair judgement. After you found him you'd have a half hour before tryouts. You brought Snape to the Quidditch Pitch explaining, "Okay, so Flint hates me and I want fair judgment on whether or not I should be on the team." Snape said it was alright and he would do so. You thanked him as you reached the Quidditch pitch ten minutes before tryouts. Hermione, Harry, Oliver, Cedric, Karla, Mazy, Califina, Ginny, Neville, and even Ron came to wish you luck. You thanked them all but still wondered why Ron came. You tried out and unsurprisingly Flint said that you didn't make it. Snape, being fair for once, said that you had made it and that if Flint continued to play favorites you would be Quidditch captain. Flint was flabbergasted but agreed that you would be a Slytherin beater and you were lucky that Buckbeak hadn't scratched your right arm so you could still play. You thanked your potion's master and celebrated your victory with your friends and a few butter-beers.
  7. You and Ron are friends again because Harry finally explained that he had forgiven you. "Took you long enough!" You said loopily for you had taken ten swigs of butter-beer in last two minutes. Ron nodded but you said, "You still look like Parkinson," you joked. Ron looked offended while you realized that you weren't in the Slytherin common room, but in Gryffindors. You sang drunkenly with Fred and George. "The beater's are fan *hic* tastic! We get to *hic* swing a bat! *hic* So don't make us *hic* MMMMAAAAADDDDD. *hic*" you sang while holding onto the scarlet armchairs. 'Never again will I stay up from 5:00-4:00 in the mornings and drink butter-beer all night' you thought. You walked to the wall and walked into someone. You didn't know who it was but when the two of you collided you accidentally kissed. You broke apart and saw a boy with sand colored hair and brown eyes. "I'm *hic* sorry, I really should *hic* watch where *hic* I'm going," you apologized as your face turned the color of Firewhiskey. "As should I," the boy said in an accent you classified as Irish. "Seamus!" Harry shouted from across the room. You were surprised that no one had heard the party and drunken Gryffindors but you then remembered the Muffliato charm and that Hermione is a Gryffindor. "Nice to *hic* meet you *hic hic* Seamus!" You shouted to him. Seamus waved to you and went to see his friends. You nearly jumped out of your skin as someone snuck up behind you, it was Harry. "Harry James Potter! Do. *slap* Not. *slap* Do. *slap* That. *slap*" You said slapping him on the arm at the end of each word. "You're not hiccoughing any more!" Harry pointed out. You just realized that so you thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. "I need to sleep but I'm too hyped up on butter-beer to do so!" You said. Harry nodded, "Let me take that." He took your pack of butter-beer. You thanked him and sat on the couch before you noticed that Hermione was missing from your party.
  8. You finally decided that the noise was too much and trudged to the Gryffindor Girls' Dorm holding onto the railing with your hand that wasn't in a sling. When you'd reached the dorm you opened the door to find SILENCE. You also found Hermione and Ginny talking on your bed. "Why are you guys on my bed?" You asked as you sat in between them. Ginny just shrugged, as did Hermione. You could guess it was because your bed was farthest from the door. "Who's Seamus?" You asked the girls. "An Irish third year. Why?" Hermione answered. "Just wondering because I accidentally kissed him down stairs," you said. Ginny looked shocked. "Accidentally! I felt drunk, wasn't watching where I was going, and ran into him," you explained. Ginny nodded sending her ginger hair flying. Your hair suddenly turned a golden, caramel color with white at the roots. "I've never seen hair like THAT!" Hermione said as she showed you a mirror. "Too much butter-beer!" You whined. "If Harry hadn't taken them away from me I'd still be drinking them." Hermione laughed, "Butter-beer doesn't make you feel like that unless you have like 20 at once!" Ginny said surprised. "Yeah, I had 36," you whined as your hair turned neon orange. ''Gosh!" The girls shouted at you. You sighed and nodded. "It is way too quiet in here, later." You said as you left.
  9. You arrived downstairs to see a few more Gryffindors had gone to bed. You saw that Harry was sitting out on the couch and noticed that he had left your butter-beer on the coffee table. You decided to finish the few drinks that were in the bottle that Harry had taken from you. Harry slapped your hand as you reached for the bottle. "I'm only going to finish the last little bit in this one then I'll go to bed," you said and took the bottle from him. After you had finished the bottle you passed out. The bottle fell to the floor and smashed and you fell onto the floor with it.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! Comment/rate/the usual assortment of things I ask from you. What did you like/hate, what could I have done better. The usual constructive critiquing samples. Also, the next few quizzes will be in the guys' points of views. Thanks! Bye!

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