Languages in the US and the World

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Hello! This quiz is to complement watching the video. It is important to have other tools to practice your language skills. So, this type of activities are used for promoting said practice in and out of the school.

Hola! Este examen corto sirve para complementar haber visto el video. Es importante tener otras herramientas para practicar tus habilidades del lenguaje. Entonces, este tipo de actividades se usan para promover dicha prctica dentro y fuera de la escuela.

Created by: Luis Castelan

  1. Are you ready to begin?
  2. What percentage of Europeans speak more than one language?
  3. About what percentage of US citizens think speaking another language is essential?
  4. In 20 other countries, at what age do kids speak 2 languages?
  5. What is happening with immigrant kids in the U.S.?
  6. What percentage of companies would hire a bilingual person? About...
  7. What is one health benefit of speaking more than one language?
  8. The indian girl said she learned how may languaes at school?
  9. Does the majority of the world speak more than one language? (original language, lingua franca, foreign language)
  10. Are you un-happy with your language level? Do you wanto to learn more? Contact the English staff at your school for more tips and info.

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