This 11 question quiz is test your skills on HOW WELL you know ME, Sabrina Thompson. Some of you will breeze through this..and some of you all will be scratching your head...either way, hopefully you'll learn more about me. It's should do one on yourself and send it out to friends...(you can tell i had LOTS of free time on my hands!)

After you take this test, you will either realize that you know very little about me or TOO much lol! You will either beat yourself up over not listening (ahhhh, i seriously doubt it) or you will know what ticks me off or what I hold true to my heart. I will go out on a limb and at least guess that everyone will score at LEAST 50% or higher! (I hope, enjoy's fun and about all types of topics!

Created by: Sabrina
  1. Some folks may not know that I have had what seems like 1,001 jobs before graduating from college..which job below did I NOT have?
  2. From the age of 7 to 22, I ran track competitively all around the country. (thank GOD it's over)...out of the 6 events below, which event did I NOT ever compete in during my 15 year career?
  3. I've had numerous accidents in my life..some NEAR death experiences ...that is why i rarely stress over stuff. Which accident below did NOT take place in my lifetime?
  4. What is my middle name?
  5. What is my favorite type of food?
  6. What gift below would i most likely pick out in a line up?
  7. If I could alleviate one world issue in the snap of a finger, what do you think I'll change FIRST?
  8. Before deciding to sign with the LSU Tigers out of high school, what university was I heavily considering to sign with?
  9. What is my biggest pet peeve regarding people's actions?
  10. Who is my favorite athlete of all time?
  11. What vacation would you think I would pick HANDS DOWN?

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