know your history

do you know your history. think again, genius, beware this is a tough one.there's too many easy quiz's but good luck, at least you gave it a go. if you fail try again

try and pass this on the first attempt...I will understand if you cant. how good is your historical general knowledge.. the questions can be tricky..

Created by: bobby
  1. who was Malcom x a member of
  2. who launched the battle of the 1944
  3. which famous musician. suffered from tinnitus.
  4. what year did the berlin wall come down
  5. when was the first play station released
  6. what year did the Korean war end
  7. what year was Nelson Mandela released
  8. what is a double Gloucester
  9. what year was the battle of bannockburn
  10. who was the first man in space..

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Quiz topic: Know my history