Know a lot of Star Wars

There are many people who know a lot about this stuff so if you are ready which you are then go take this test and put you skills to the test good luck

This is a short test that won't take to much of your time to do so relax and do this test so you can hone your Star Wars facts and maybe learn new ones to

Created by: Tyler cooper

  1. Which one is from the old republic
  2. Which one is a bounty hunter who wants to be famous
  3. Who is the trade federation leader
  4. Which color light sabers did Anakin's have during count dooku battle
  5. Who saved Anakin and obi wan from dooku
  6. Who is general grevious
  7. Who did Anakin turn into
  8. Who is Ben kenobi
  9. How long did the Death Star take to build
  10. What is the name of darth vader's apprentice

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