Justin Bieber's life

No cheating! If you aren't good enough for this exit! No need to cheat yourself and look up these answers online! I believe in you! Belieber's unite!

Are you good enough for this amazng quiz?????????? I guess we'll find out soon! C'mon Belieber's I know you exist! You got this! This is his life! No cheating btw!

Created by: Kylie

  1. When is Justin Bieber's birthday?
  2. Who discovered him?
  3. What is his middle name?
  4. Where was he born?
  5. What hospital was he born at?
  6. What are his parents names?
  7. First Album?
  8. First Single?
  9. When was My World released?
  10. What TV show was he in? (from 2010-2011)
  11. What role did he play?

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