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Jennxpenn is a youtube sensation with 100M subscribers on youtube. If you don't know her, well now you do. Follow her Instagram at jennxpenn for a chance to win a prize.

here is a very difficult quiz about jennxpenn who is very well known and famous. follow her instagram and buy her book today because it would make her smile more if you read her book

Created by: jennxpenn1fan
  1. Does Jenn like Nutella
  2. True or false: Jenn loves nutella and eats it every day for breakfast lunch and dinner
  3. Jenn and Nutella?
  4. Nutella and Jenn?
  5. Does Jenn dislike Nutella?
  6. Does Jenn not dislike Nutella?
  7. Jenn?
  8. Does Jenn not like Nutella?
  9. False or Correct: Nutella loves Jenn but Jenn doesn't love Nutella.
  10. True or false: Jenn's hobby is eating Nutella by the spoonful and claiming she hates it.

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