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Many people watch anime and read manga everyday. But not many do so with Subs and Japanese Romaji. Because I'm part of a fandom, it's my job to make sure you understand me. Please take this quiz. :3

Are you an expert at Japanese romaji? Or are you just pulling your friends leg? Take this quiz to find out how much you truly know. If you don't like the result just take it again. But no cheating~

Created by: KanraOrihara

  1. Ohayou Minna~ Simply select what you think the romaji mean.
  2. Arigatou Gozaimasu~
  3. Nani?
  4. Yamero!
  5. Kami~ (Is Moi. :L)
  6. Sugee~
  7. Dous---a?
  8. Dattebayo~
  9. Yurusanee!
  10. Anata ni aitai~
  11. Gomennasai... I'm afraid it's over. Enjoy the results~ \(^O^)/

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