Is Your Warriors OC a Mary Sue/ Gary Stue?

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Welcome to my quiz take everything a say with a pinch of salt sit back relax and enjoy this fun little quiz I worked hard to create in this fun little quiz.

You have a question and and answer of what your OC is like based on the questions the gender option do not effect your results but any ways remember to stay safe and have fun.

Created by: yo tengo
  1. What is your OC's gender?
  2. What is your OC's pelt color?
  3. What is your Oc's eye color?
  4. What rank is your OC?
  5. Does your OC have a crush?
  6. Does your OC have a close friend or family member?
  7. What is your OC skilled at?
  8. What features is your OC most known for?
  9. How was your OC's kithood?
  10. Does your OC have a mate?
  11. Your leader is getting attacked by a badger.
  12. Your clan has had some problems with foxes in the territory and a fox is trying to steal a newborn kit away from its mother.
  13. You are out on a stroll with your closest friend when you see a little kit about to eat some death berries.
  14. You begin to start feeling weird towards your closest friend should you confess your feeling for them.
  15. Does your OC have any powers?
  16. You witness your sibling washing blood of their muzzle and they tell you to not tell anybody what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Is my Warriors OC a Mary Sue/ Gary Stue?