Is your Warriors oc a mary sue? (FEMALE OCS ONLY!)

Mk.... this is my first quiz, so sorry answers don't make sense. ( I don't mean, " My Oc Is SoOoO gReAt, HoW dArE yOu SaY sHe Is A mArY sUe!" Don't be like THAT.)enjoy!!!

So they want another paragraph...bvgdjhdzfgejhgrdyahbwhfbujwbfgrhygbdrbgcfghyf3hfffwvgfwbvggwefguyffjhcvgcbvcsabvgdsagdsahsdaghdhsdqhwhsqbhcvcgwenhsvgddgh

Created by: xXJazzifulXx

  1. Mk lets start my peeps.
  2. Clan? (no sky)
  3. Alright...Rank?
  4. Kk...What is your cats name?
  5. color?
  6. patterns?
  7. eyes?
  8. personality?
  9. Number of kits?
  10. ummmmm...idk anymore... past?...

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Quiz topic: Is my Warriors oc a mary sue? (FEMALE OCS ONLY!)